Metal Slug
Image: SNK

In a recent interview with 4Gamer, Yasuyuki Oda – head of the Game Development Department at SNK and the leading project manager on consumer titles – has revealed that the company is currently working on prototypes for two of its classic IPs (thanks, VGDensetsu).

In the interview, 4Gamer references a previous discussion with Oda in which he expressed interest in working on franchises such as Ikari Warriors, Metal Slug, Athena and Psycho Soldier.

Oda replies:

We are already working on two of the IPs you just mentioned. We are still at the level of making prototypes and verifying whether we can make something good.

When quizzed on the direction these games would be taking, Oda says:

Basically, we make new things and revamp IP. On top of that, for example, there are titles that do things that look like orthodox evolution, but since they were originally arcade games, it's hard to play them even if they're modern console games. There are also titles that have been changed to genres for.

SNK recently announced it was working on Fatal Fury City of the Wolves, a new entry in the one-on-one fighting game series, which began in 1991 on the Neo Geo. Metal Slug Tactics, a spin-off title from SNK's gun-and-gun series, is also in development following a delay.

98.18 percent of SNK is now owned by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman's Electronic Game Development Company subsidiary.

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