Dark Souls Advert
Image: Bandai Namco

The Tony Hawk series might not be as popular as it once was, but this new mod should hopefully change that a little bit – it fuses the skateboarding epic with FromSoftware's Dark Souls, creating one of the most amusing video game juxtapositions of recent memory.

The mod allows Dark Souls NPC Solaire to grind his merry way through Lordran's Firelink Shrine, pulling off some sick tricks as he does so.

If you fancy trying this out yourself, you'll need Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 on PC and the THUGPro mod. You can then install the Firelink Shrine stage and Solaire model.

While it's hard to argue that Dark Souls and Tony Hawk make a sensible match, the footage is pretty entertaining and reminds us of when Konami added Metal Gear and Castlevania characters to Evolution Skateboarding in 2002.

[source pcgamesn.com]