If you own a Commodore Amiga and consider yourself a Castlevania fan, then you've got it pretty good at the moment. Not only do you have Maria Renard's Revenge to play (which is currently in beta), but there's another Castlevania-style game on the horizon in the form of Doomed Castle (thanks, Indie Retro News).

Developed by M.A.Soft team, Doomed Castle is the work of Miguel Ángel Jiménez Santana (coding), Toni Galvez (graphics) and Martin Eriksson (music). It is being created using the tools Blitz Basic 2, Tiled, Promotion, Personal Paint, Gimp, Protracker, Renoise and Octamed 4.

While it's a little bit more than a port, it's worth noting that the opening level is clearly based on the first stage of the original Castlevania.

You can check out the demo now. Let us know what you make of this new fan-made adventure by posting a comment below.

[source indieretronews.com]