Wolf Team Announcement
Image: ZUIKI Inc

In a livestream that took place earlier today, ZUIKI revealed that a selection of games from the Japanese developer Wolf Team will be coming to the X68000 Z in the future (as spotted by Gosokkyu).

In case you're unaware, Wolf Team was a developer that was established way back in 1986 as part of Telenet Japan. The company primarily developed games for Sharp's X68000 computer and Sega systems including the Mega Drive and its Mega-CD add on.

Some of the games it developed for the X68000, included Mid-Garts Gold (1989), FZ Senki Axis (1990), Arcus Odyssey (1991), Sol Feace (1990), and Granada (1990) — all of which were physically on display during the livestream.

It's currently unknown which of these games will be coming to the mini-console as part of this agreement, but it's possible we could see something similar to the developer Zoom's upcoming collections, which are two-game compilations that are available on a single SD card.

Interestingly, in the video, a copy of Valis II is also among the other games listed above, which might also suggest that more Telenet games will be announced in the future.

We'll try and keep you updated once we know more.

[source youtube.com, via twitter.com]