Cho Ren Sha 68k 1.10
Image: Famibe no Yosshin

If you've been paying attention to our reporting on the X68000 Z, you'll know that Famibe no Yosshin's Cho Ren Sha 68k was one of two games included as a reward for backing the early access kit on Kibidango.

Something we failed to mention at the time, however, was that this version of the game actually boasted a number of visual changes from the original, as well as a few new sound effects that were previously missing from the 1.0 edition.

For a short time, this version was considered to be an exclusive for the X68000 Z console, but earlier this month it appears that Famibe no Yosshin has released Ver. 1.10 online as a free XDF file (as spotted by Gossokyu), letting those without an X68000 Z get in on the fun too using an emulator or real hardware.

To give you a brief history, Cho Ren Sha 68k was initially released all the way back in 1995 at the Comiket Doujinshi convention in Japan and is a vertical shooter that puts players in the pilot seat of a "Zanki" spacecraft and pits them against wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies.

In 2001, it was later ported to Windows PCs as freeware, with this version boasting a slightly improved frame rate and, therefore, a greater level of difficulty. Over the years, the Windows port has seen a few updates, but the X68000 original has largely remained untouched, at least until recently.

If you want to give this new version a try, you'll find it on Famibe no Yosshin's GitHub page for free.

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