Image: Broke Studio

The publisher Broke Studio and Eligos Games has officially launched a Kickstarter for its impressive-looking dungeon-crawler Traumatarium, for the Game Boy.

A version of the game was previously sold through back in 2022, with some handmade physical copies being released that same year. But now it appears the developer has decided to partner up with Broke Studio to bring it to even more players, crowdfunding for a proper physical release with some added bonuses. It is currently looking for £21,470 to bring this to life and is already halfway there (£11,413) with 18 days to go.

Traumatarium takes inspiration from the Fighting Fantasy books, as well as the tabletop game Mörk Borg, and Warhammer Quest 1995.

It puts players in the shoes of an adventurer who must stock up in town and then venture down into the depths of a deadly dungeon, where they'll not only encounter enemies but tricky situations and obstacles where they'll have to choose how they want to proceed. There's some incredible pixel art included within as well as some brilliant chiptune music to listen to.

If you want to back the project, you can do so now over on Kickstarter. Pledging €15 (roughly £13) will net you a ROM and .pocket file, as well as a digital booklet and poster. €45 (roughly £52) will meanwhile land you the complete-in-box edition of the game, with a cartridge, manual, box, and digital bundle. And there is also a limited edition option too for €80 (£69), which includes an alternate cover and a bunch of game-related merchandise like an enamel pin, A4 poster, and stickers.

You can download a demo of it now from the Kickstarter page for free, if you want to give it a go before you back it. Rewards for all tiers are estimated to be delivered in December 2023.