Snowboard Champion
Image: ShiryuGL

Snowboard Champion is an obscure title from the Japanese developer Dream Japan and the publisher Bottom Up that was released on March 31st, in the year 2000, for the Game Boy Color.

It is a straightforward snowboarding game that sees players compete against various other boarders in events like one trick, slalom, half pipe, and even boardercross.

It was never released outside of Japan, meaning that it was never localized, but now thanks to a couple of hackers named Diogo Ribeiro and leina, it's possible to finally play the game in English (provided you can get a hand on the ROM).

This new hack translates all the text found in the game, including dialogue, menu items, and its endings. It also includes a localized title screen, providing an alternate-reality look at what may have been if the game had been properly translated all those years ago.

You can download the patch here, and try it out for yourself.