Sega Dreamcast
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

A rare Sega Dreamcast development kit worth thousands has turned up in the unlikeliest of locations, as spotted by @dmgdeeb over on Twitter.

The devkit, which includes a GD-writer HKT-04, a Dev Box HKT-01, a Dreamcast unit, and a Dreamcast keyboard (along with a development disc for a Japanese-exclusive photo editor), was discovered inside a small museum at RE-PC, a Tukwila-based electronics recycle shop that @dmgdeeb was visiting at the time.

According to one of @dmgdeeb's tweets, someone actually donated the kit to the store, which opens up a ton of questions about how the original owner came to hand it over.

A Katana HKT-01 Dev Box alone sold for $2,296.77 on eBay back in 2022 (per the website, so we have to imagine this is worth substantially more than that. It's, therefore, a little hard to picture someone just giving it away, unless they were personally trying to help out the store's owners with a big donation or didn't have a clue what they had on their hands, to begin with.

As @dmgdeeb claims, the store is planning to put it up for sale but is letting some tech YouTubers take a look first. Only after that will it then try to seek out a brand new owner.