Image: NITTRX Channel

A video of Anbernic's upcoming Win701 Windows handheld has leaked online (as spotted by those over at RetroDodo).

Admittedly, this isn't the first time we've heard about the device in the past, with Anbernic filing a patent for the handheld earlier this year in China (which the website Liliputing reported on at the time). That filing showed us designs of what the system might look like but stopped short of providing actual images of the unit itself. Now, though, we have a new look at a prototype of the handheld, thanks to a video from the YouTuber NITTRX.

In this video, we can see that the handheld has an ergonomic design that is in contrast to Anbernic's far more angular Win600 machine. We can also get a good look at the controller layout too, which matches the plans leaked earlier this year.

As seen in both, the Anbernic Win701 will include two joysticks on the upper left and lower right side of the system, four action buttons, and four additional buttons for navigating Windows menus. That is in addition to a D-Pad, a set of shoulder triggers, and vents on the back and the top of the handheld for cooling.

The new leak also revealed that the Anbernic Win701 will feature a Ryzen 7 7840U CPU, which is one of the more powerful chips being used in gaming handhelds at the moment. The device will follow Anbernic's previous Windows-based handheld the Win600, which was released last year for $300 and up, but as the console is still unannounced no price has been revealed for this latest machine just yet.

We'll try and keep you posted once the device is officially announced and ready to pre-order.

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