Killer Bass
Image: Magical

When you buy a fishing game, you typically know what you're going to get. Most of them involve venturing out into the water in a pair of waders or casting a line from the comfort of a boat to try and catch the largest fish you can find.

The Japanese PlayStation release Killer Bass from the year 2000 puts a bit of a strange twist on the genre though, having you instead hunt down a mutated fish that has escaped from a laboratory as it causes terror in a region's water supply.

We first became aware of the obscure game last August when "the walking horror encyclopedia" and developer Chris Pruett posted about the title on Twitter. But it seems like more people are finding out about the strange oddity from Japanese developer Magical, with another user named Kronkblats posting the game's infamous baby-eating scene yesterday over on Twitter.

This B-movie-esque cutscene sees a young mum and her baby resting by the side of a lake when the parent leaves the child unsupervised for a moment and, therefore, at the mercy of the mutant fish. What follows is a mixture of shocking and hilarious as the fish emerges from the water and swallows the infant whole, while its parent can only look on and watch.

Given its bizarre and baffling content, we've seen many simply assume that the game never received a Western release, with it being too strange and controversial for the Western market. But it was actually localized into English in 2002, receiving a softer title (Monster Bass) and some slightly more generic artwork depicting a less-evil-looking fish on its cover.

It's perhaps because of these odd marketing decisions that the game escaped the attention of many Western horror fans and game journalists over the decades. Yet thanks to social media, more people are now finding out about the fascinating title for the first time, in addition to its ridiculous blend of fishing and science fiction.

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