Tetris Movie
Image: Apple TV+

Apple TV+'s Tetris movie is finally seeing the light of day at the end of this month, and its cast and crew have been speaking about what makes it so special.

Based on the battle to secure the rights to the game, it stars Taron Egerton (Rocketman, the 'Kingsman' series) as Henk Rogers, the Dutch video game designer and entrepreneur who helped Nintendo unravel the complex rights to the game so it could bundle it with its Game Boy console, assisting the machine to secure amazing global success.

Egerton appears to be particularly excited about the fact that the story behind how Tetris came to Nintendo is somewhat unknown by the general public; although it has been documented previously (most notably in an excellent BBC documentary, which speaks to some of the key people involved), many still aren't aware of the fact that getting Tetris out of Russia was so difficult.

Tetris launches in select cinemas and on Apple TV+ on March 31st, 2023.