Planet B Sega Mega Drive
Image: Overrated Future / Fabrice Fernandez

A new homebrew Mega Drive title has just been announced called Planet B, which will offer Sega fans plenty of procedural roguelike action.

"Planet B is a roguelike with randomly generated content," says developer Overrated Future. "Collect dungeons, items and story elements to live the end of time in a pre-apocalyptic world, alone, connected via the game console of the future."

The teaser below shows a little of the gameplay we can expect from this one. The player character is shown exploring a shattered world, collecting loot and dealing with various monsters.

The Mega Drive has seen more than its fair share of homebrew projects in recent years; we've got stuff like new ports of Final Fight and The Simpsons rubbing shoulders with brand-new efforts, such as Yuzo Koshiro's forthcoming shmup.