Image: Konami

A new trademark filed by Konami has whipped Castlevania fans into a frenzy thanks to its connection with the famous series.

The trademark in question is for 'Project Zircon', and was spotted by Gematsu and filed on 7th March (thanks, Nintendo Life). Zircon, in case you were wondering, is a jewel that you can sell for a small amount of cash in the Castlevania series. It has appeared in Symphony of the Night, Lament of Innocence, and Order of Ecclesia.

Of course, this trademark on its own means relatively little, but the connection is there, regardless – and recent reports that Konami is working on a new entry in the series certainly line up here.

What do you make of this odd trademark? Do you think there's any Castlevania link here? Could this be the codename for this rumoured new Castlevania adventure, or is this something else entirely, like a collection of the DS Castlevania titles?

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