GTA Vice City
Image: Rockstar Games

Rapper, actor and producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has caused quite a stir by dropping a GTA Vice City-related post on his Instagram account (thanks, Eurogamer).

He posted an image of the Vice City logo along with the message, "I will explain this later. This shit bigger than POWER trust me."

Power is a popular crime-based TV series in which he starred and produced, in case you were wondering. The series ended in 2020, but its legacy has continued via a series of spin-offs, including Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan and Power Book IV: Force.

As you might imagine, that reference has caused speculation that Jackson is involved in some kind of long-form TV adaptation of Rockstar's 2002 video game classic.

Another option is that Jackson is going to provide his vocal talents to the upcoming GTA 6; the series has never shied away from having big-name celebrities involved in its voice-over work, after all.

Would you like to see GTA turned into a TV series? Or would you prefer to see it as a movie? Let us know with a comment below.