Image: Ross Kilgariff

Solo developer Ross Kilgariff has just confirmed that his "hardcore roguelike" HarleQuest is coming to Kickstarter, with the aim of the campaign to fund a release on Dreamcast and PC (thanks, Fusion R Gamer).

Kilgariff has been working on the game since 2017, when the project's foundations were established during a game jam coding event – it was called Dungeon Ross back then.

He describes it as a "high difficulty, procedurally-generated dungeon crawler" and even features elements borrowed from the SoulsBorne series of titles. You'll be able to embark on this adventure with a friend thanks to the inclusion of local co-op play.

You can see Kilgariff's introduction to the project below. Let us know if you'll be pledging some cash when the Kickstarter campaign goes lives this April.

[source fusionrgamer.com]