Tommy Tallarico
Image: Tommy Tallarico

The fallout from the development of the Intellivision Amico continues, with the latest news being that Intellivision and its former president Tommy Tallarico are currently involved in a lawsuit with the corporation Amur Equipment Finance, Inc. over outstanding fees related to the financing of office furniture for its California location.

On December 12th, 2022, the legal representatives for Amur Equipment Finance, Inc. filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of California against Intellivision and Tommy Tallarico (the details of which have since been made available on Imgur). This demanded from the two parties an amount exceeding $110,252.60.

The attorneys for the plaintiff claim that on February 26th, 2021, Amur Equipment had entered into a written agreement with Intellivision to finance some office furniture and that Tallarico himself had personally guaranteed the loan.

As part of this arrangement, Intellivision and Tommy Tallarico had agreed to pay $3015.83 for 60 months, plus applicable fees and taxes, but on July 15th, 2022, the two parties defaulted on the loan, failing to make the necessary payments. Amur Equipment now seeks the amount owed from the defendants, plus other fees including interest.

Legal representatives for Tallarico responded to the lawsuit on February 8th, 2023, with 22 defenses and a prayer for relief (as spotted by CUPodcast).

Tallarico's attorneys claim, among other defenses, that Amur Equipment "has failed to fully pursue Intellivision Entertainment LLC before pursuing Defendant" and that "The purported personal guaranty is not enforceable against Defendant". It then goes on to allege "Negligent Administration of Financing", essentially arguing that Amur Equipment increased Tallarico's risk through bad decision-making in granting the loan in the first place, and also that the finance company performed a "sham sale" of the office equipment after repossession.

You can read the full response from Tallarico's attorneys here. Interesting to note is that they are not only asking for the complaint to be dismissed with prejudice in its entirety but are also seeking the costs that the defendant incurred in responding to the complaint.

Without making any judgment, it's not exactly an ideal position for Tallarico to be in and is another in a long line of controversies related to his involvement with Intellivision.

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