Analogue Pocket Ginny & Georgia
Image: Netflix

Video game product placement isn't anything new in movies and TV shows – Nintendo's Game Boy was in countless flicks and television series back in the day, for example – but the last thing we were expecting to see during our latest Netflix binge was the elusive Analogue Pocket.

The FPGA-based handheld – which, via its openFPGA platform, can play software intended for a wide range of consoles, handhelds, home computers and coin-ops – turns up in a recent episode of the Netflix comedy-drama Ginny & Georgia.

You can watch the clip below, as spotted by Matt / SegaSnatchers:

As you can see, the device isn't mentioned by name, but it's clearly an Analogue Pocket – right down to the packaging and the bundled charging cable.

What we really want to know is how did the production team get their hands on this unit, given that there's a lengthy wait for pre-orders, even now? Perhaps someone on the team owns one already and simply wanted to give it some time in the limelight? Or perhaps someone from Analogue is a fan and supplied one free of charge?

If we find out the real story behind this most pressing of mysteries, we'll let you know.