Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2
Image: SNK

Update #3 [Fri 11th Nov, 2022 09:15 GMT]: Pre-orders are now open for the physical editions of Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol.2 on Switch (via Pix'n Love Games).

There are three different versions available. This includes a SNK collector's edition (€99.90 / $101,68 / £87.07), a Capcom collector's edition (€99.90 / $101,68 / £87,07), and a basic edition (€39.90 / $39.69 / £34.84). The release date given on the site is 2023.

Capcom collector's edition
Image: Pix'n Love Games
SNK collector's edition
Image: Pix'n Love Games

Update #2 [Wed 9th Nov, 2022 09:18 GMT]: SNK has released its first trailer for Neo Geo Pocket Color Vol. 2 in order to coincide with its digital release happening later today on Nintendo eShop and PC (as spotted by Gosokkyu).

It's also finally revealed the full list of games included in the collection, with many of the titles matching those previously inferred from the official key art.

Here's the full list of games and their supported language options:

  • SNK VS. Capcom Card Fighters' Clash (Japanese & English)
  • Big Bang Pro Wrestling (Japanese & English)
  • BIOMOTOR UNITRON (Japanese & English)
  • Mega Man Battle & Fighters (Japanese)
  • Puzzle Link 2 (Japanese & English)
  • Ganbare NEO Poke-Kun (Japanese)
  • The King Of Fighters Battle De Paradise (Japanese)
  • Baseball Stars Color (Japanese & English)
  • Pocket Tennis Color (Japanese & English)
  • Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color (Japanese & English)

Pre-orders for Nintendo Switch physical editions go on pre-order tomorrow at 4 p.m. GMT, according to Pix'n Love Games. We'll update you as soon as the retailer set their pages live.

Update #1 [Fri 4th Nov, 2022 10:10 GMT]: The SNK Global Twitter account has revealed that Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2 is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch on November 9th (as spotted by our friends over at Nintendo Life).

In August 2022, SNK announced that the collection was "coming soon", but didn't give us a precise date of when that would be. Now we have a clearer idea of when we'll be able to get our hands on it, though no release line-up has yet been made available for it. We'll update you once that has been confirmed.

Original Story [Thu 4th Aug, 2022 16:00 BST]: SNK announced on Twitter today that Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2 is coming soon, giving handheld fans reasons to celebrate (thanks Nintendo Life!).

No information is currently out about the platform, but Vol. 1 was released on the Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam), so they're likely a safe bet at this point. As for the line-up, that's also still to be confirmed, but, as Nintendo Life writer Liam Doolan points out, a datamine dating back to March may give us some ideas, with a prime candidate likely being SNK VS. Capcom Card Fighters' Clash (which came to Switch earlier this year).

The original Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 featured 10 Neo Geo Pocket titles in total. This included some quality fighting games like SNK Gals' Fighters, Samurai Shodown! 2, and The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny; in addition to a few run 'n' gun action games like Metal Slug 1st Mission, and Metal Slug 2nd Mission. You can check out the trailer for that game below:

Obviously, anything to get these games into more hands is fantastic in our books and we'll be sure to give you an update once there are more details to share!

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