Super Bonk
Image: Hudson Soft

A former Hudson Soft developer has published some never-before-seen documents for an abandoned Bonk game called Genjin Show ~Tobidase! VB Genjin~, which was under consideration for Nintendo's Virtual Boy device (as recently spotted by Gosokkyu).

Norihito Miyamoto (or @nori_bomber as they are known on Twitter) is a developer who started their career on the Sega MK III before working as a planner and producer on the Bomberman, Bonk (Genjin in Japan), Mario, and the Super Robo series. Recently on Twitter, after seeing a post about the Virtual Boy, they shared some images from a design doc for this cancelled Bonk game, giving a little more insight into what could have been.

According to Miyamoto, the project was being considered following the release of Super Bonk (which Miyamoto also worked on) and, as detailed in the documents, would have had you viewing the action from the perspective of an audience member looking at a stage. It would have taken advantage of the portable device's stereoscopic "3D" capabilities, to place you closer to the action, watching Bonk as they battled enemies like Hatchets.

However, due to the poor performance of the Virtual Boy on the market, the game was never announced and it was abandoned early on during the presentation stage. Now all that remains seems to be these few documents shared online, which tease a project that for better or for worse never came to be.

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