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Image: Milestone

Recently, on Twitter, the Italian games journalist and historian Damiano Gerli revealed some exciting footage to his followers of a cancelled horror game from the Milan-based developers, Milestone.

The studio, primarily known for its long list of racing titles, like MotoGP, Ride, and SBK, intended for the game to be a sci-fi survival horror, and was developing it to pitch to Virgin Interactive, the publishers of its 1994 release Screamer.

However, Virgin passed on the project and asked Milestone to work on a follow-up to Screamer instead, setting the company on its way to becoming a racing game developer first and foremost.

The footage Gerli shared of the cancelled project, codenamed Alien (no relation to the 1979 Ridley Scott film), is from a pre-alpha demo and shows an unnamed soldier walking through a set of claustrophobic corridors before a creature jumps out of a vent and starts to attack. Gerli writes on Twitter that the developer only got so far as to make roughly 3-4 rooms for the game, but was inspired by the survival horror games of the time, like Alone in the Dark. And you can definitely see traces of this in the charmingly awkward character animations, slow movement system, and dodgy camera positioning on show within the video.

Nevertheless, it would have been interesting to see what Milestone could have come up with, given proper publisher support. Especially considering the studio is now primarily dedicated to vehicle-based games.

Gerli has promised to make the demo more widely available in the future so that others can check it out for themselves, but first, he intends to complete his own article on the history of Graffiti (the precursor to Milestone). You will be able to view this over on his Patreon.

What do you think of the footage? Would this be something you'd want to check out for yourselves? Let us know below!

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