Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

The world of tennis video games in the early '90s was dominated by the likes of Super Tennis, Smash Tennis and Final Match Tennis, but there were numerous also-rans and challengers; rivals which sat on the fringe of greatness but never quite managed to get through to the final.

As much as it pains us to say it, Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour is one such title. Developed by Blue Byte – a German studio more famous for its Battle Isle and Settlers series than its sporting releases – the game was a decent enough simulation of tennis (and it had a four-player option with a multitap) but wasn't quite in the same league as the mighty Super Tennis – which, we'd argue, remains one of the best digital recreations of the sport ever made, even by modern standards.

When Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour was released in the west, publisher Ubisoft was understandably keen to leverage the fame of Connors and had his face on the cover. Oddly, for the Japanese release of the game, a bespoke image was used which doesn't feature Connors' likeness at all (he's relegated to the rear of the box). Despite this, we massively prefer it to the western version.