Image: Sega

There was a point in the 90s and 2000s when you could visit a website for your favorite developer or game and never really know what to expect. Websites weren't as predictable or as uniform as they are today, with the design and tone varying wildly depending on the size of the company or its culture.

Some companies simply slapped some assets and words together on a page and called it a day, while others poured hours into creating bespoke assets and finding new ways to interact with fans.

With that in mind, it can be a fun exercise now to revisit this period of time through Wayback Machine and take a look at how some of the biggest companies of today promoted themselves to their audience back in the day. We created a shortlist of names and spent our morning surfing the worldwide web in order to bring you some of the best, strangest, and most interesting examples we could find.

Traveller's Tales
Traveller's Tales website in 2002. You've gotta love that raccoon mascot — Image: TT Games
Naughty Dog
Here's Naughty Dog's questionable home page from 1998 — Image: Naughty Dog
Neversoft website around 1996. This seems to be before it adopted the iconic eye logo — Image: Neversoft