Perfect Dark
Image: Rare

If you were following the marketing prior to the release of Perfect Dark, you may remember seeing a feature that allowed you to use the Game Boy Camera and the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak to place a photograph onto the face of your multiplayer character. This feature never made it into the game, with Computer & Video Games claiming that it was dropped due to sensitivities surrounding the mechanic in the US in the wake of Columbine, while Nintendo's Ken Lobb simply attributed it to tech problems.

Over the years, we've seen images of what this would have looked like, but footage of it in action has been pretty rare to come by. Now, however, thanks to a new E3 1999 video from livingaretrogaminglife (uploaded by Hard4Games and spotted first by Kode-Z) we've got a closer look at the feature in action.

In the video (at roughly 8:11), we see a player select from a bunch of terrifying heads with their face missing, before loading up a photo of themselves to fill the gap. Once uploaded, the player then tweaks the brightness of the photo and repositions it. This is clearly a super unique use of the Game Boy Camera and would likely have been a welcome addition to the game at launch. Still, we can understand the reason behind why it was potentially cut, regardless of whether it was to do with politics or issues with the tech.

If you want to check out more retro footage from E3, we recommend watching the full video below. It features clips of games like Jet Force Gemini, Soul Calibur, and Final Fantasy VIII, to name just a few.

What do you make of this gameplay feature? Are you sad that it got cut? Let us know in the comments!

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