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Image: Cheello

When it comes to the Doom modding community, the chances are if you can think of it, someone's probably made it. And the following mod seems to be a perfect example of that.

Voxel Doom 1.0 is an ambitious quality of life mod that lets players replace the in-game's sprites with fully 3D voxel-style models. This goes for everything from the weapons to the pickups and enemies. The creator of this mod Cheello announced that it was going live earlier this week on Twitter, and so far the responses seem to be extremely positive, and maybe even a little weird in places.

Right now, it is currently only fully compatible with the first Doom game, but, per the ModDb page, Cheello intends to finish the Doom 2 monsters in the very near future. This will likely be welcome news to those who want to "voxelize" the FPS sequel. You can watch a preview of the mod below.