We've been keeping an eye on Playdate, the cool little handheld from Panic. It's a device that certainly slides into a niche category, as it has a tiny black and white screen, a crank and an interesting approach to game distribution - 'seasons' where downloads arrive each week. The events and challenges of the past year delayed it somewhat, but now there are details of its imminent pre-order window.

Pre-orders will go live on the official website on 29th July at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm UK / 7pm CEST. Panic has outlined various details, such as the first batch being due in late 2021, a list of countries it's shipping to, and it's worth noting that pre-orders take payment right away (though can be cancelled and refunded).

In terms of pricing, pre-orders will open on the system itself at $179USD (system + season 1 of 24 games) and the Cover at $29USD. The rather neat dock is 'coming soon' so won't be part of those initial orders.

If you're intrigued but still on the fence our chums at Eurogamer have been hands on with the system, also trying four of its earliest games - be sure to check that out.

Will you try to pre-order this next week?

This article was originally published by nintendolife.com on Fri 23rd July, 2021.