Image: Polymega

All-in-one retro console Polymega is due to launch this year, and the company behind it has just announced a beta test program which will give a lucky number of applications early access to the hardware.

If you've already placed your preorder and you apply via the website before 5PM PST on January 31st, you could be selected to receive a beta sample unit in order to assist with the testing of the system prior to its final release.

This testing will involve using games, accessories and AV equipment with the unit and reporting your findings to help fine-tune the final retail version of the console. There will be no NDA in place during the test, so those involved will be permitted to freely post their findings online and talk about their experience with Polymega – a fair sign that the team behind the system is pretty confident in what it has created.

After the beta program is complete, testers will have the option to either hold onto the sample unit as your 'preorder' or elect to trade it in for a final retail unit at launch.

Polymega was announced back in 2017, and was supposed to launch late last year.

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This article was originally published by nintendolife.com on Wed 22nd January, 2020.

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