It's fair to say that the launch of the Polymega pre-order campaign didn't exactly go according to plan. The Polymega site was subjected to an attack just as the campaign went live which sent it down for a few days and meant many people weren't able to place their orders, and when the dust had settled there were complaints from potential customers regarding changes to the console's internal architecture.

Perhaps the most alarming thing for many retro purists was that the footage shown in the latest trailer for the console featured video footage of what appeared to be the arcade version of Sega Rally, and not the Saturn one, as was claimed. Given that Saturn emulation is tremendously processor-intensive, some assumed this was to cover up the fact that Polymega's Saturn-aping skills weren't quite ready yet.

Polymega has since responded to this claim by pointing out that the wrong footage was used by mistake, and has released a video showing 25 minutes of unedited Saturn gameplay taken directly from the console itself. As you can see, everything runs perfectly - and we also get a wee look at the Polymega's gorgeous UI.

You can register your interest in Polymega on the console's official site, which is now behaving itself.

This article was originally published by on Wed 19th September, 2018.