Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Triforce Arcade

  • US Jun 2003


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F-Zero AX Screenshot

About The Game

F-ZERO AX is an exhilarating race through a 26th century sci-fi world, a 1,000 mph heart pounding thrill ride.

F-ZERO is an unbelievably realistic experience set in an alien world with intense and mind-boggling cut-scenes. The "F-ZERO" series is the latest collaboration of Nintendo and Sega, made especially for speed junkies of all ages.

Play with "F-ZERO license card" using the special deluxe cabinet.

The action of the arcade version of "F-ZERO" is from the vantage point of a large cockpit. The driver sees, hears, and feels the strain of the high speed action.

Continuous play is possible with the "F-ZERO" license card. All "F-ZERO" pilot scores are recorded on all "F-ZERO" arcade machines. Play everywhere and store your data, by using "F-ZERO GX" at home and by using "F-ZERO AX" at the arcade

The NINTENDO GAME CUBE memory card "F-ZERO GX" and "F-ZERO AX" can be connected.