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  • US 29th Mar 2018, $7.99
  • EU 30th Mar 2018, £6.99


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About The Game

A great commander ruled an eastern plain for a long time, but his mind completely changed one day. He formed a mysterious army under his command and took several women as hostages to his palace. His evil power extended to his neighbouring countries and the princess of western country, fell into his hand.

Princess Futsu learned about his dreadful plot inside the castle. The great commander gathers young ladies' souls to create an ultimate creature. That creature eats the souls to grow. When it's completely grown-up, it could burn the entire world in only a short period of time. Princess Futsu's soul is the last key for its body to be completed.

The ceremony of Yorishiro, an object representative of a divine spirit, will be held the next day at sunset. There is only one day left.

She released her family treasures, the hisou stones, outside the castle. The stones flew into the sky and fell into five brave warriors.

The tale starts now!