Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

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  • EU 19th Sep 2023, £9.49
  • US 19th Sep 2023, $9.99
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About The Game

Persha and the Magic Labyrinth is a novel kind of puzzle RPG that combines 3-match puzzles and dungeon RPGs.

Take control of the main character, a young girl named "Persha," to unravel the mysteries of the tower and catch your nemesis, "Rock"!

[The basic rule is a 3-match puzzle!]

The fundamental rule of this puzzle game is to match three identical pieces vertically or horizontally to make them disappear.

[Move "Persha" to solve the puzzle!]

The main character, "Persha," can be moved freely up, down, left, and right, regardless of the 3-match mechanics.

Use Persha as a starting point to erase pieces, defeat enemies, and conquer the puzzle!

[Mysteries hidden in the tower! Magic Cat Missions!]

Each stage has a hidden "Magic Cat" with special powers.

When you solve the riddles concealed within the tower, the "Magic Cat" will reveal itself and assist Persha.

Let's conquer all 120 stages together with the Magic Cat!