Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • US 11th Jan 2024, $6.49
  • EU 11th Jan 2024, £5.39
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About The Game

The tale of a prince transformed into an ugly monster and cast to the ends of the world. Overcoming numerous challenges, he must now return to the princess!

This action RPG was released by System Sacom in 1985.

The king of the forest country of Felix solicited suitable young men in the country to be the bridegroom of his daughter (the princess).

One of the two who overcame numerous challenges was the prince of the Lake Country of Felix. The princess was enchanted by the prince of the Lake Country, and they pledged their love to each other. However, the curse of a wizard who transforms into another beautiful young man sends Vere to the end of the world, transformed into the form of an ugly monster.

Can you become the prince of the lake and return to Felix, where your beloved princess awaits?

This game is the first part of the "Märchen Veil" series. The story of the first part is until you meet Neptunus, the god of the sea.

*The main game and gallery screen (*Gallery) are in Japanese version.

*Other menu screens and ""How to play"" screens are in English.