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  • US 27th Oct 2010
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Intellivision Lives! Screenshot
Intellivision Lives! Screenshot
Intellivision Lives! Screenshot
Intellivision Lives! Screenshot
Intellivision Lives! Screenshot
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Intellivision Lives! Screenshot
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Intellivision Lives! Screenshot
Intellivision Lives! Screenshot

About The Game

Welcome to Intellivision® Lives!

For the first time Intellivision Lives! on the Nintendo DS gives fans the chance to experience over 60 classic Intellivision games anywhere, anytime! What makes this Intellivision Lives! different from other compilations is that we outfitted the touch screen with original Intellivision keypad overlays. The DS version also includes Single Card play and six unreleased games.


For 30 years, Intellivision has been one of the most recognizable trademarks in the video game world, and it continues to perform as a living, high-profile brand for new and veteran players looking for exciting casual games. When first introduced in 1980, Intellivision brought many innovations to video gaming: animated characters, the first 16-bit processor, voice games and the unique hand controller featuring a directional disc, action keys and a 12-button touchpad with game overlays. Now Intellivision Lives! comes to the best platform for Intellivision: The Nintendo DS.


The Nintendo DS Touch Screen provides a unique and alluring control scheme that fans will appreciate. With the touch screen, controls have never been more authentic and true to the original keypad layout. Each game incorporates the original keypad overlays transposed onto the Touch Screen in addition to the standard Nintendo DS controls. New and veteran fans alike will be delighted by the natural feel and functionality offered on the Nintendo DS.

Intellivision Lives!

With the original overlays transposed onto the Touch Screen players will be closer to the real experience than ever before. Select your tools from the Touch Screen to diffuse the bomb and decipher the code in Bomb Squad or spike the ball to the far corner in Spiker! Volleyball. With the Nintendo DS Touch Screen all these actions are at your fingertips.

Sounds of the 80’s

Prepare your ears to enter the 1980’s! Fans will love all the classic sounds and music from their favorite Intellivision games such as Snafu and Thunder Castle. “Hello commander, Computer reporting.” A familiar voice is brought back to life with three Intellivoice games: Space Spartans, B-17 Bomber and Bomb Squad.

Cover Flow

Load up your favorite title with an easy to navigate user interface complete with original box art for each game. Use the Touch Screen or standard Nintendo DS controls to cycle through five game genres: Space, Arcade, Battle & Simulation, Sports and Gaming. Multiplayer is also accessed through the easy to navigate interface.
Single Card Play

Intellivision Lives! for the Nintendo DS offers multiplayer support through Single Card Play. This allows a single Intellivison Lives! game card to host multiplayer matches with another Nintendo DS. Challenge your friends or introduce a new generation to one of the 35 multiplayer titles offered in Intellivision Lives!

Unreleased Games

There are six unreleased games: Brickout, Deep Pockets, Blow Out, Hard Hat, Space Cadet and Takeover. Of the six unreleased games Deep Pockets and Brickout support single player while Blow Out, Hard Hat, Deep Pockets, Space, Cadet and Takeover are supported in multiplayer.


Classic titles such as Crown of Kings and Minotaur come to life with the original Intellivision instructions adapted to meet Nintendo DS guidelines. Reading the instructions to these games will not only add to the nostalgia but will also give you a fighting chance.

Game Lineup

Space: Astro Smash, Space Armada, Space Battle, Space Hawk, Space Spartans, Star Strike
Arcade: Brickout, Buzz Bombers, Blow Out, Frog Bog, Hard Hat, Hover Force, Night Stalker, Pin Ball, Sharp Shot, Shark! Shark!, Snafu, Space Cadet, Thin Ice, Thunder Castle, Triple Action, Vectron
Battle: Armor Battle, B-17 Bomber, Bomb Squad, Crown of Kings, Minotaur, Sea battle, Sub Hunt, Tower of Doom
Sports: Auto Racing, Boxing, Bowling, Chip Shot Golf, Classic Baseball, Classic Basketball, Classic Football, Classic Hockey, Decathlon, Deep Pockets, Moto Cross, Mountain Madness, Skiing, Slam Dunk Basketball, Slap Shot Hockey, Spiker! Volleyball, Super Pro Football, Stadium Mud Buggies, World Champ Baseball, Wrestling
Gaming: Checkers, Learning Fun 1, Learning Fun 2, Poker & Blackjack, Reversi, Roulette, Royal Dealer, Takeover, Utopia