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Platform: Nintendo 64 (NTSC/PAL) / (JP)
Games Library: 393
Released: 1996

This topic will be for the discussion of the Nintendo 64. Feel free to discuss everything from your favourite games to general discussion around the console!

I can never actually decide on my favourite all time console, but it seems to cycle through the SNES, PS1 & of course the N64. What a banger this was! From Goldeneye to Ocarina of Time, to Perfect Dark & Super Mario 64. This console is jam packed full of classic games that gave me hours of non stop fun (still does).

So what are some of your favourite games? What are your thoughts on the N64?




I love my 64.
I finished my full Pal Australian cib N64 collection last year.
I now have all the games released in Australia on the N64, all complete and mint, all 244+ variants.
I started over 10 years ago when I looked at my collection and realised I had most of the rarest games released for it and decided I would go for a full set.
I have played all of them and found games I would never have even looked at if I hadn't.
I love the speed of playing on my 64, no updates, no downloads, just go.
4 player couch gaming is sorely lacking in today's gaming environment and the N64 has some of the best games for this, so much so my daughter's love playing it with me, so thanks to my love of the 64 I have created 2 more retro gamers.

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Great system, the N64. I got one for my 16th birthday back in 1998 and it was the perfect time for me. It was the last two years of high school and with the freedom I was gaining at that age the N64 became the cornerstone of socialising with friends. Nearly every Friday or Saturday night was 4 player Goldeneye/Mario Kart/Perfect Dark, with F Zero X and Diddy Kong Racing thrown in as well. The sound of 4 RCP 90’s in Goldeneye threatening to destroy the speaker on my old tv became a weekly ritual!

Aside from that I had a great time in single player games like Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Mario 64, Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron and Resident Evil 2. It was a system that got me through many a lonely teenage night, the stress of exams and after coming home tired and smelling to high heaven after finishing an exhausting work shift in the local pub!

I still have my old N64 and although it is on a shelf for display it still works fine (the original controller’s stick has finally died but luckily my spare pad for player two, which naturally got less use, is still going strong).

Today my only regret is how hard it is to get a good image out of it. In PAL regions Nintendo cut manufacturing costs by removing RGB out even though the system used the same multi out port as the SNES and GameCube, both of which can output RGB through a SCART cable. The PAL N64 can only output through RF or composite (technically S Video too but S video is rare on British TVs). Even through my CRT it isn’t a brilliant picture, though I played it through RF back in the day so it’s still a step above that.

I’m still discovering N64 games to this day, whether buying the odd game I missed relatively cheaply (1080 Snowboarding and Wave Race come to mind) or the games from the Wii Virtual Console through my modded Wii. Image quality aside it’s still one of my favourite systems alongside the Mega Drive and GameCube.

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‘You swapped three different N64 games for Pokemon Stadium? Where’s your pride? Your dignity?!?

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Great system with some of the best games made at the time. I don't tend to play mine now but I do get my N64 fix through the switch onlinel



My favourite console of all-time. Not the best but absolutely my favourite. There's still so many titles on it that are the very best at what they do.



Planning on doing a Goemon run next week.

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My first few seconds playing Mario 64 is the most magical gaming experience I've had. Friends used to come down on school lunch breaks to sit and watch or have a quick go.

Lylat Wars was my first cinematic gaming experience.

Ocarina of Time seemed massive at the time, even just Hyrule Field.

It's been a few years now, but before lockdown we still played Perfect Dark multiplayer now and again.

WWF No Mercy is still arguably the best wrestling game made.

Blast Corps feels a bit clunky these days but was smashing fun at the time. It's the N64 game I'd most like to see get remade.

Mystical Ninja is one the funniest (and funnest) games I've played.

I wasn't a big fan of the RareWare platformers on N64, but Diddy Kong Racing was another great game.

Space Station Silicon Valley and Wetrix were two more I enjoyed.

Top Gear Rally, Waverace 64, Excitebike 64...I've argued before that the N64 was the best of the era for racers and sports games (ISS for the latter).


Did you know know that the N64 has its own audio effects? Just like the SNES, it has a built in Delay and even reverb! In some developer menus of a few N64 games (Smash 64, for example) you can listen to the music tracks without reverb. F-Zero X and Rakuga kids have very special soundtracks that show this off very well. If you've never heard of Rakuga Kids, do yourself the favor of listen to it's ost.

The SNES and the Genesis have their strengths. They both do what they do so well. Nothing beats the echoed SNES sound or the Full-Sounding FM synthesis of the Genesis. Did you know that the N64 had built in audio effects, like delay too?

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