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Didn't get around to talking about a game before you finished it? Then talk about it here!

How far did you get with it? Did you just do the main story? Did you go for 100%?

See ya!


I just finished pummeling through the Monkey Island series in anticipation for Return to Monkey Island. All of them are as rock solid as ever.

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Last weekend I completed Pokémon Snap, it was a funny game to play especially for a 1st gen Pokémon enthusiast. Unlocked all the courses and got pictures of every Pokémon. The challenge scores are skippable unless you truly love the game, not my case.



@andreverts I love Pokemon Snap its a really cool game, its nice to have a bit of something diffrent.



Yesterday I finally managed to finish Crystalis, it took 15 and an half hours and more than an year (because I abandoned it for a long time after getting stuck).
Loved it, what a fantastic action rpg for the NES! The instruction manual has been a fundamental tool for items descriptions. It tells a deeper story than what I expected, a great surprise. Controls are smooth, the action is well balanced with strategy (definitely not a button smashing game), spells add layers of combinations that vary a lot the battle system. There's a overworld to explore, backtracking and grinding are not stressed, everything feel like being the right dimension. Good job SNK!



Bioshock Infinite on Switch. Played it years ago on Xbox 360 but I got the collection very cheap on the Switch eshop and got to play the Burial at Sea DLC. Great game but such a downer of an ending compared to the first and even the second game!

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I recently beat River City: Rival Showdown. It was such a blast, and so enjoyable to see my favorite characters with so much life in them. I tried to go for the best ending but I missed it by a few minutes. I'm a huge Nekketsu fan.

The SNES and the Genesis have their strengths. They both do what they do so well. Nothing beats the echoed SNES sound or the Full-Sounding FM synthesis of the Genesis. Did you know that the N64 had built in audio effects, like delay too?


I recently passed God of War 3, it's a great game that I recommend everyone.

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Beat the story on Mortal Kombat 11 both the main story and Aftermath. I have got to say the story was not bad at all. One of the best MK stories I have seen in a long time. Definitely worth a playthrough in my opinion. Going to be interesting to see where the series goes now.

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Personally, the last game I rolled credits on was FF16. I started a new game+ for the platinum but only got halfway.

I now have Armored Core 6, Sea of Stars and Texas Chain Saw Massacre (which I don’t normally overwhelm myself like this), so I don’t know which one I’ll finish next.

I did beat Contra Legacy of War on hard for a book I’m working on, but that was with cheats and to capture screenshots. It also wasn’t that fun.

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I've been playing my way through the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. I missed out on the original GBA releases, so it's actually my first time playing the series. Just finished the 5th entry, which is my favorite of the bunch so far.



I've been playing through a lot of easier games just for fun, like Knights of the Round, Strider 2, Shinobi 3, Shatterhand(not so easy, but I know the game inside and out now).

But I've been playing one tougher game a lot in recent weeks, Strider arcade. I'd played it before, but this was my deepest dive into it. I got really into it and could just play it over and over not getting tired of it. Finally got a 1CC on it(lost one life). I'm not too into 1CC(one-credit clear), but if the game is fun enough, then I'll give it a shot. Strider was pretty satisfying to do that with.


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