Topic: Advice for connecting an Atari 2600 to a modern tv.

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Recently a friend of mine just recently picked up an Atari with 20 games off of Craigslist. He was wondering what are his options for hooking it up to a modern TV. Obviously there is modding but he doesn't want to go that route. Is there a place where maybe cables are available or an option similar to that?

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Hello. These cables are available on ebay and alot of other sites, if you just google RF Cable for atari 2600. This one on ebay ( I have one for a zx spectrum ) is not great , there's a better ones on other sites and might be a little bit more . The connection to at the television is still on most or all new televisions, its an "aerial input" just check and see if there's one on the TV. Here's a link to the cable just as an example.

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I use something like this:

I typically connect it to a VCR which then piped into a TV. If you try on a modern TV, you may need to see if you can manually add channels (and can accept analog signals)and have it actually work. Some TVs I encountered needed to scan first no matter what.

Good luck!


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