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The golden age of platformers is thought to be the N64-era, but some might think that it was the PS2/Gamecube era. I mean the N64 had a lot of famous and classic games, but as the PS2 era started, companies started relying their franchises to other companies like with Crash and Spyro. Not all of those games are terrible I bet, but they aren’t though of as well as their original trilogies. New series emerged in the PS2 era and there were many action adventure games, but many classics are often thought to be on the N64 era. Which do you think was the golden age? It doesn’t have to be these eras. For example, it could be the SNES era even though I mainly mean the N64 and PS2 eras, but what do you think?


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SNES era for me, between Disney, Nintendo and Sega. So many absolute classics that are still my favourites today.

I would say N64/PS1 for 3D platformers though. Mario 64 remains one of the best 3D platformers and even though the Crash games are more 2.5D platformers (linear levels) they are still some of my favourite games too

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SNES without question. N64 games weren't platformers as much as there were collectathons.

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I think the term collectathon can be pointed at a lot of the SNES titles too. Don't get me wrong, DKC 2 is one of my favourite ever videogames but there's no denying its full of stuff to collect to unlock everything.

I don't necessarily think its a bad thing unless it breeds heavy repetition - Banjo Kazooie is extremely heavy on the collection stuff but its definitely still very good.

I think you can make a decent argument that the NES was a real hotbed for platformers too - three Mario games, Mega Man, Duck Tales, Kirby's Adventure - even stuff like Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden and Batman have a lot of platforming at their core.



It would have to be back on zx spectrum or commodore 64, amstrad, atari. I could list thousands of platformers on them platforms , I think the real first platform game was donkey kong by nintendo. But the best ones are on zx spectrum games Rick dangerous, manic miner, dizzy games, chuckle egg, spy v spy, list is massive. Well I think they were the best platform games ever.



@arnoldfranklin I think you are referring to 3D Platformers which is probably around that time, but platformers themselves were the best back in C64 times not N64 times.

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