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Well, actually, before I ask my actual question, let ask another: is modding discussion allowed on Time Extension? I know it's typically frowned upon on the other Hookshot sites but given this site focuses on emulation and emulator handhelds, I figured it was at least worth seeing if asking about modding was ok here.

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@N00BiSH we have the same rules across all our sites... which basically says you are free to talk about anything in that realm, as long as it's not related to current generation systems (eg, Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X|S). Also no links to ROMs etc.

Do not link to illegal content; Linking to any illegal download sites, torrents or other resources that allow users to gain access to illegal content such as copyrighted ROMs, games, movies, music, TV shows, software or related activities is strictly prohibited.

Do not discuss current gen emulators/homebrew/piracy; It is permitted to constructively discuss the use of flash carts, emulators and homebrew software when in the context of emulating previous generation(s) hardware. We ask that you do not link to any resources for illegal copyrighted content such as where to download ROMs and we reserve the right to lock, edit or delete any threads or comments we feel stray too far into an illegal or legal grey area, especially related to current gen products.

Hope that helps!

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