Image: Panic

The Playdate YouTuber Tiny Yellow Machine yesterday published the first Playdate Community Direct, showcasing trailers and demonstrations of over 30+ games and apps that are either available or heading to Panic's tiny crank-based handheld.

The 50-minute-long video is intended to be the first of many, with Tiny Yellow Machine planning to put together a new showcase every quarter. In this debut video, we got a glimpse at a bunch of wonderful games, with some of the standouts for us being Tau, Cranky Dog, Hot Hot Hot!, the Playdate Camera, Guntrails, and Reel-istic Fishing. The event also featured a special appearance from the Panic video creator Christa Mrgan, a look at a new Playdate print ad in the Archies-esque comic book Santos Sisters, and a sizzle reel for a new Playdate games bundle. Below, we've listed every game showcased at the event with a time stamp so you can jump ahead if you want to.

Every Game Showcased At The First-Ever Playdate Community Direct