Gaming Snaps
Your humble scribe, playing Golden Axe on my Japanese Mega Drive around 1991. The cat was introduced when I'd mastered the game and needed an additional challenge — Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Remember the days when we didn't have a camera in our pockets 24/7?

It's often difficult to recall such a time; grabbing a photo today is a simple matter of unlocking your smartphone and aiming it at someone. However, a few decades ago photos were limited to how many snaps you had left on the roll of actual film, and unless you were fancy enough to own a Polaroid camera, you'd have to physically leave the house to get them developed (which often incurred a wait of a few days as well). By the time you got the photos back, you'd usually forgotten what they were of (which was a wonderful experience in itself, if we're honest).

Despite all of these roadblocks, it's often the case that these images from the past carry more weight than a million modern-day smartphone snaps, especially when they involve the playing of video games.

Below, you'll find a selection of nostalgic images from yesteryear – all kindly submitted by Time Extension followers on Twitter – that hopefully trigger some fond memories of your own.

And don't forget, this page is constantly evolving; if you have a snap of your own you'd like to share, reply to this thread and we'll add it to this gallery.

Playing Master System 2 in my sisters room, as she had an own tv. Must be around 1991-1992
xpat86x: "Playing Master System 2 in my sister's room, as she had her own TV. Must be around 1991-1992" — Image: xpat86x
Sean697 winning on the Atari VCS
Sean697 winning on the Atari VCS — Image: Sean697
My cousin and I on the SNES. Judging from the clothes, I reckon we’re probably playing World Cup Striker…
Paul Darbyshire: "My cousin and I on the SNES. Judging from the clothes, I reckon we’re probably playing World Cup Striker…" — Image: pablo_0151

Me and my bro  @ThomasTechArt  playing PlayStation, December '95
Jake Smith: "Me and my bro @ThomasTechArt playing PlayStation, December '95" — Image: @jake74
Nick Suters: "Not as old as the some of the others but there’s a lot going on in this picture, this is 2001/2. That’s Champ 01/02 on the PC, NHL ‘94 in the Mega Drive and a tub with a GBA and Game Boy carts on the desk to my left" — Image: @Suterovich
Crimson Pig
Scott West: "C64 in Coventry and a NFL inspired mullet to die for these days!" — Image: @Crimsonpig24
Nick Westwood: "Here’s two I have on my phone! Must have been one of the only kids in the UK to get a Virtual Boy for Christmas!" — Image: @RetroBreakNick
The Retro Room: "Gotta love the '90s" — Image: @TheRetroRoomRoo
Namcostyle: "Lots going on here - The moment 16-bit gaming ended for me (until it turned into retro gaming), taking a stance on console wars (which, at the time was PSX vs. Saturn), and generally dictating my hobby life for the next quarter century" — Image: @namcostyle
Daniel Major: "Me in 1997. Still rocking the SNES, still my primary console. Playing Fever Pitch Soccer, oddly, here" — Image: @GuyFawkesRetro
Sega-16: "My game room from 1999. covered on the right are my NES, Saturn, and model 2 Genesis/Sega CD (we used to make our own dust covers). I miss those grey NES boxes, but I still have all my Saturn and Sega CD games!" — Image: Sega16
thegaminghubby: "Me and my brother putting the Speccy through its paces in '86 (I think)" — Image: @thegaminghubby
Over Jump Rally taking on Manx TT — Image: @OverJumpRally
Darren Hupke: "My brother and I playing NES in probably 1988(?). Got my nebulizer on the rocking chair because of course I’ve got asthma" — Image: @darrenhupke
Gustavo Maciel: "Brazil, 1991: me and some pals playing Altered Beast, the only game I had for a long time. It was included with the Mega Drive 1 from Tec Toy" — Image: @gugamaciel
Gavin Lane
Nintendo Life editor Gavin Lane: "Sampling 2600 Space Invaders in the late '80s, possibly the first video game I ever played!" — Image: Gavin Lane
Oliver Harper
Oliver Harper: "I found this photo of me (rocking curtains) and my mates back in Jan 2000. Got a UK and Japanese Dreamcast on the go. Also, a Mega CD in the background" — Image: Oliver Harper