Legacy Interactive® is a dynamic leader and seasoned innovator in the world of casual gaming. Entertaining customers since 1998, the company has built a reputation for developing intelligent, realistic and high quality games for a broad audience.

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Located in Los Angeles, Legacy has introduced entirely new interactive genres such as TV drama games and medical and vet simulations, and in the process created best-selling games such as Law & Order, Pet Pals: Animal Doctor, Emergency Room and Zoo Vet. In 2008, Legacy published ten new casual games, including its first games for Nintendo platforms. Through Legacy's popular game network at, customers can download and try more than 500 casual games and large file adventure games, plus read and write reviews and share playlists of their favorite games. Legacy's games are distributed worldwide, in more than 15 languages, through its publishing partners Ubisoft, Mindscape, 505 Games, and JoWood.

Ariella Lehrer, a 24-year veteran in interactive entertainment and education, leads Legacy's management team. A mother of four, with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, Ariella has been an avid casual game player her entire life, starting with Rummy Cube, hearts, and 500, a bridge-like card game played only in central Pennsylvania where Ariella was born and raised. Legacy's talented development team is led by Dr. Craig Brannon, a self-proclaimed "puzzle guru" with more than 15 years of design and production experience in games with mass-market appeal.