When Nintendo released the utterly brilliant WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! on the GBA back in 2003, it not only kickstarted a franchise which continues to this very day, but it also included a timesink that lived way beyond the lifespan of that particular game: Paper Plane.

This unlockable minigame tasked you with guiding a paper aeroplane down a vertically scrolling stage, avoiding walls and trying to get as far as possible. The controls were simple, and the score-chasing concept was so compelling Nintendo released it as a stand-alone download on DSiWare in 2008.

Paper Pilot is a tribute to that game for your Playdate. That sentence alone should be enough to encourage any self-respecting Playdate owner to hurriedly download it immediately, but for everyone else, allow us to explain why this is a must-have purchase.

For starters, the core game mode – Endless – has addictive qualities that are seldom present in modern-day AAA gaming; it is the very definition of a "just one more go" video game, and when a record-breaking run comes to an end, it's tough to resist the urge to try again. Online leaderboards mean there's always the incentive to improve your score.

However, there's also the Time Attack mode, which challenges you to finish stages in the fastest time possible – a great way of not only extending the game's longevity, but also honing your piloting skills for the game's main mode.

Paper Pilot is played by turning the Playdate 90 degrees clockwise, and this is one of the ways it improves over the title that inspired it; by playing with a vertically-orientated screen, you see more of the play area as your papyrus-made craft descends, giving you additional time to plan your moves.

With soothing music and incredibly faithful visuals, Paper Pilot is the perfect tribute to one of the most addictive minigames ever made, and – at just three bucks – there really is no excuse not to own it.