This Dreamcast Metal Slug Port Is Even Better Than The Neo Geo Original 1
Image: SNK

A new fan-made port of Metal Slug has been released for the Sega Dreamcast which is even better than the 1996 original.

Developed by Ian Micheal, this port leverages the developer's DreamNeo CD Neo Geo CD emulator to deliver the smoothest and most feature-rich conversion of the game yet seen.

It offers 60fps performance with no frameskip, a save game system, improved gamma correction and the ability to switch between regional versions.

Furthermore, an 'arranged' version of the game is also included, which offers improved music.

Released in arcades for the Neo Geo AES in 1996, Metal Slug is one of the most famous run-and-gun shooters ever made. It has spawned a series which continues to this very day, with the latest entry – spin-off Metal Slug Tactics – coming this year.