The Hybrid Front
Image: Sega

Sega's Japan-exclusive turn-based strategy game The Hybrid Front is finally being translated into English, thanks to TheMajinZenki and the group of fan translators at Nebulous Translations.

Originally launched for the Sega Mega Drive in 1994, The Hybrid Front takes place in a sci-fi future where a galactic trading empire named CoCoON has exerted control over Earth, with players assuming command of a ragtag group of couriers named "mules" transporting illegal weapons and supplies to fight for the planet's survival. It was also later released for the Wii Virtual Console in 2007. However, both versions of the game were only ever made available in Japanese, making it difficult for people who managed to import the title to understand exactly what was going on.

Back in 2018, members of Nebulous Translations announced that it was working on an unofficial fan patch for the game, which would potentially make the title more accessible to a wider audience, but progress on this project seems to have stalled out at some point, with the group eventually going on hiatus in 2023. Now, though, it appears that it is very much back on track, with TheMajinZenki recently claiming on social media that the translation will be finished "very soon", before linking to an impressive 16-minute promo video showing off the newly-translated opening credits, character and history indexes, and general gameplay.

You can check out this video below. We'll also give you a heads-up once the patch is finally available to download.

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