Back in 2015, Disney announced its Playmation project, a mix of wearables, digital entertainment and physical activity which Walt Disney Company chief operating officer Tom Staggs called "21st century play."

The issue is that it didn't quite work. The initial Marvel line of Playmation products flopped at retail and basically convinced Disney to cancel the entire venture by 2016 – which is a shame because Star Wars was one of the next brands in line to get the Playmation treatment.

Unseen Gaming has discovered a demo reel created by Mike O'Brien which gives a taste of what it would have been like to enter the Star Wars Playmation world.

Unseen Gaming has also uncovered concept art and a photo of a poster promoting the range:

In case you were wondering, here's what Playmation promised, as outlined by Disney:

The first kits launched in October 2015, with the Avengers "starter pack" retailing for $119.99.

Frozen was another Disney brand which was mooted for the series; that was supposed to arrive in 2017, but by then, Disney had already laid off the Playmation team and put future plans on hold.