This Indie Dev Is Bringing Project Gotham Racing To The Game Boy, Sort Of 1
Image: Shane McCafferty

Indie developer and part-time game design professor Shane McCafferty has had a long career in the industry, but his current jam appears to be creating cool little games for Game Boy hardware – and he's currently working on a top-down racer in the spirit of the Xbox classic Project Gotham Racing.

McCafferty – whose releases for Nintendo's 35-year-old handheld include Block Droppin and Starseed – has been working on the title for a while now and is slowly but surely adding in elements which made PGR so appealing back in the day.

During its prime, the Game Boy was home to many titles which might be considered 'demakes' in modern parlance; big-name brands such as GTA and Driver were released on the console, even though it lacked the processing power to achieve parity with the home console versions.

We'd like to think that, with this project, McCafferty is continuing the trend; we'll be keeping a close eye on this one, and we suspect many of you will, too.

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