Random: This Is A Horrifying Vision Of What Retro Emulation On Apple Watch Could Look Like 1
Image: R3V3RB_7

After years of keeping them off-limits, Apple recently relaxed its stance on retro emulators on its iOS devices, paving the way for a flood of old-school titles on iPhone and other products.

While that flood hasn't hit the Apple Watch as yet, The Verge spotted a Reddit post which gives a terrifying glimpse into what emulation on a wristwatch could look like.

As The Verge notes, there are some caveats to mention here; for starters, the watch shown in the video isn't an Apple one, but an Android-based clone – and we've had Android-based watches for years, so running an emulator on one isn't exactly big news.

However, given Apple's recent announcement, it's surely only a matter of time before you, too, can attempt to play your classic games on a teeny, tiny (and possibly impractical) display.

We think we'll be sticking with our trusty Anbernic RG35XX Plus, thanks very much.

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