'Planet Of Conspiracy: Shancara'
Image: IGS Corp

The prolific Nintendo Famicom ROM hacker Black Paladin has just released a new English translation patch for IGS Corporation's 1992 political sim Planet of Conspiracy: Shancara. So if you're a fan of retro strategy games or just love checking out obscure Nintendo Famicom games that were never officially released outside of Japan, this might be one worth giving a closer look at.

Planet of Conspiracy: Shancara (or Seiryaku Simulation - Inbou no Wakusei: Shancara, as it is called in Japan) takes place on a distant planet that has recently declared independence from the Galactic Empire and must elect a president.

Choosing from one of four characters, including a war hero, a king, a nobleman, and a businessman, it is up to you (and potentially three of your friends) to battle it out to become the planet's first-ever president, winning the support of different political factions through bribery, assassination, and civil wars. Each character starts off with just three colonies to their name out of a possible thirty, with the rest being held by the other political factions living on the planet.

Besides Black Paladin, eight other individuals worked on the patch. These include the translators Longsun Zhao and Bunkai, the hacker Cyneprepou4uk, and the producers Pennywise, FCandChill, Pluvius, KingMike, and Klarth. The new patch translates the title screen, all the in-game text, all status screens, and all character endings.

You can grab the patch for the game here. Black Paladin has also released an announcement video, showing off the newly-translated intro, which you can check out below.

[source romhacking.net]