The Quest To Find Monkey Ball's Lost "Adult" Levels 1
Image: Sega

Back in 2012, Sega released Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz on the PS Vita, which contained a unique hook where players could use the console's camera to create new levels based on real-world objects.

Sega pushed this concept with DLC in Japan which featured the gravure idol Yukie Kawamura. A DLC code given away free with the game unlocked stages in which Kawamura's image featured in the background, and part of the stage was a picture of her breasts – which actually formed part of the course itself.

The inclusion of these levels – which were exclusive to Japan and not featured in the Western versions of the game – meant that Banana Splitz received a 'C' age rating (ages 15 and up) from CERO instead of the A one that most of the other Monkey Ball games got in that region. So, while it's not strictly "adult" content, the levels have nonetheless gained a notorious reputation over time.

Now, Good Vibes Gaming presenter and former Hookshot Media staffer Jon Cartwright is doing the Lord's work by attempting to track down and preserve these levels for future generations to (ahem) "enjoy".

The hope is that someone, somewhere has the data on their console still and can find a way to archive it.

Still, not everyone is as convinced this is a quest worth embarking on.

(In all seriousness aside, that comment did make us laugh).

"Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz is packed to the rafters with great content, but lengthy load times and clunky menus break its flow," is what our friends over at Push Square said about the game back in 2012. "The original game remains the best in the series, but this is still well worth a roll."