Image: CDRomance

Popular fan translation and ROM hack-sharing site CDRomance has taken all of its hosted files off-site after an apparent legal challenge.

CDRomance is popular with retro gamers as it hosts a variety of pre-patched ROMs that give easy access to fan-translated games or titles which have been subject to fan-made improvements and modifications.

"CDRomance is an engaging online community and archive dedicated to preserving the heritage of video gaming with a focus on fan contributions," reads the site's official description. "Our collection showcases a wide range of fan-made mods, mods/hacks, translations, and original games, as well as freeware and abandonware titles. Committed to the ethical and non-commercial distribution of games, CDRomance offers a valuable resource for game enthusiasts and historians, celebrating the ongoing creativity and dedication of the gaming community."

The site's summary also notes that it complies with the DMCA.

It was noticed recently that the site is no longer hosting any files, although details and links to the original patches are still online:

However, all is not lost; as spotted by Twitter @gunstargum, the files have been moved to a different location:

There's been a crackdown on ROM-sharing sites recently following legal action from IP holders who take obvious issue with their copyright being infringed. While CDRomance hosts patched games, it naturally doesn't own the copyright to the titles being distributed.

However, critics of such practice are keen to point out that, by removing such sites, video game preservation takes a considerable hit; if companies aren't interested in translating games from decades ago, then fan-made, pre-patched versions are a vital means of getting these games to new audiences.