Final Fantasy VIII
Image: Square Enix

Square's Final Fantasy VIII turns 25 today.

The game was released on the PlayStation in Japan on February 11th, 1999. It would come to North America in September of the same year before hitting Europe in October.

Many fans consider Final Fantasy VIII to mark a turning point in the series; it abandoned the cute, 'chibi' characters seen in previous titles for more realistically-proportioned ones and showcased some of the most visually impressive CGI sequences ever seen in a video game up to that point.

While many fans felt it wasn't quite as good as Final Fantasy VII, the game was a commercial smash hit, generating $151 million on its first day of release in Japan. As of 2019 – when it was re-issued in remastered form on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC – it has sold 9.6 million copies globally.

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